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Medical counselling second round started!

Medical counselling based on NEET exam has started. Medical first round results have been announced. And now medical second round has been started. You have to take care and enter into medical counselling. Congratulations to the first round winners.
All the best! for the second round.

Kcet-2018 seat matrix released. How to read it?

Guys seat matrix for the college allotment in 2018has been released and yet to announce option entry. Before that you have to well understand how seat matrix works?.
        In seat matrix they announced seats in reservation and general too. You have to keep in mind that seat matrix reveals total number of seats too.
Things to be kept in mind while reading seat matrix:
* Any candidate from any category can jump to general category. That means if SC or ST candidate have good rank than general candidate, then SC candidate will acquire general candidate seat.
Kcet tips physics
* But other reserved seats like 2AR, 1R, SCR etc this type of seats will be acquired by those candidates itself. No other can jump into it.

* For H-K candidates different seat matrix is released, but keep in mind that they can acquire seats without H-K reservation too, if they got good rank.
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* And consider all the reservation you got like rural, Kannada medium. All these may be considered or …