Qualities of good student: must possess

Good student need not be the topper, but life winner. He wins everybody with his behaviour, discipline and talent. He is the one who attracts everybody even in a single chance that is given to him, it doesn't matter whether he wins or looses.
           So what are all the habits that make you a good student?
Observation:              Observation is the main Power of good student, he observes everyone and grasps good things from everyone. Only observation doesn't make you a good student, but applying the things in life that you learnt from observation makes you a good student. Behaviour:        Yes it does matter, behaviour shows your character and what type of person you are. Good student always behave in cool manner and trys to maintain good relationship with everyone whom he confronts in life.

Concentration: Also read: Smart study        He takes interest in every aspect of life, ultimately it lead to concentration. Without concentration you can't achieve anything. Conc…

NEET last minute tips

    Every other exams are over for +2 students and now only remaining exams are NEET and JEE advance. So these final days are very crucial for you, and if you didn't do well in the board exams and jee mains. Every year around 12 lakh candidates sports appear for NEET and around 6 lakh students qualify, but only mere number of students get medical seats in that 6 lakh. So how to prepare now at  this short period, what to read, what not to read? Don't confuse among yourself. Whatever you have read for board exams, that is sufficient, if you want to just qualify. But if you want good rank, then you have to prepare in smart way
        Here are the things that you have to concentrate in these days:



 Every graph in all three subjects is important. Atleast 3 questions will be there on graph, so look at graph carefully.

Intext questions:

   Intext questions are very important, even though they are not asked directly, something related to intext questions will be asked. So from which paragraph intext questions are framed in NCERT, look at those paragraphs.     
Exampler questions:

         These exampler questions tests your knowledge, if you are answering them, without any doubt, then you are ready for NEET war, if not go through those questions carefully, in neet even questions are framed from those exampler answers.
Neet important questions and topics
Previous year question papers:

         Take some two to three years question papers and go through them seriously, those will help you to get confidence, and also when you sit in exam hall, you will feel familiarity and feel comfortable as you already looked at the papers like that.


           Discussion with friends helps you, ask the questions that you thought of while reading and let him answer, if he doesn't answer, you answer. He will ask you questions and answer them. Guess the questions yourselves that may come in NEET EXAM.

All the best!


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