Qualities of good student: must possess

Good student need not be the topper, but life winner. He wins everybody with his behaviour, discipline and talent. He is the one who attracts everybody even in a single chance that is given to him, it doesn't matter whether he wins or looses.
           So what are all the habits that make you a good student?
Observation:              Observation is the main Power of good student, he observes everyone and grasps good things from everyone. Only observation doesn't make you a good student, but applying the things in life that you learnt from observation makes you a good student. Behaviour:        Yes it does matter, behaviour shows your character and what type of person you are. Good student always behave in cool manner and trys to maintain good relationship with everyone whom he confronts in life.

Concentration: Also read: Smart study        He takes interest in every aspect of life, ultimately it lead to concentration. Without concentration you can't achieve anything. Conc…

Important topics and questions in physics for kcet

 Some of the questions are repeated ever year from the same topic. These topics are very much important, as questions are fixed from these topics. Here are important topics.

Important questions:
* One gate question confirm from semiconductor (every year)
* One projectile question (every year)
* One LCR question
* One dimensional question
* One electromagnetic wave question
* One refractive index or refraction question
* One rms based question
* One theory question from communication system
* One alpha or bita question etc.

Previous year question paper:
  Analyze the question paper, you will come to know what eka are important, and practice atleast one question paper, it helps you a lot.

Kcet physics tips

Important Topics:
 * Problem involving ray optics 
*dimensional analysis
* electrostatic 
* current and basic elements of current
* nuclear reactions
* force 
* ocsilations waves, 
* gravitation.
kirchoffs law 


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