Qualities of good student: must possess

Good student need not be the topper, but life winner. He wins everybody with his behaviour, discipline and talent. He is the one who attracts everybody even in a single chance that is given to him, it doesn't matter whether he wins or looses.
           So what are all the habits that make you a good student?
Observation:              Observation is the main Power of good student, he observes everyone and grasps good things from everyone. Only observation doesn't make you a good student, but applying the things in life that you learnt from observation makes you a good student. Behaviour:        Yes it does matter, behaviour shows your character and what type of person you are. Good student always behave in cool manner and trys to maintain good relationship with everyone whom he confronts in life.

Concentration: Also read: Smart study        He takes interest in every aspect of life, ultimately it lead to concentration. Without concentration you can't achieve anything. Conc…

Jee mains important Topics and questions

 Jee mains is approaching fast, are you revising? Prepared? All the best. For every entrance exams there are some questions which will help you to easily clear the exams, if you are read enough for board exams. I want to share those questions with you. Let me go with subject wise for jee mains.


* Solve for 'x' questions.
           Atleast one problem is fix about solve for x. For that question trick is just put value of x from options available. And if that value satisfies equation, then that is the answer.

* One question on mathematical reasoning, it is very easy don't miss it. It is theory don't miss it.
*One vector question commonly based on multiplication
*Three dimensional geometry is fixed question. You can easily score 8 marks. No twists.

*Calculus questions require shortcut method, if you know shortcuts easily you can score 16 marks.


* One question confirm on magnetic properties (page no.27), every year we see question from this section

* One question on named reaction confirm. Either they ask directly or give some reaction, but based on name reaction confirm.

*One question based on isomers is usually asked.

* One question based on order of reaction
* Atleast 4 questions are directly from theory that too from surface chemistry.


* One gate question confirm
* One question on LCR circuit
* Graphs are very important, atleast three graph questions are usually asked. Take a look at every graph.
* One on semiconductor, usually problem, trick work here.
*One problem on lens, kirchoff law usually seen
*One from communication systems, usually theory.

       what ever i mentioned above, if you work on those, I promise you almost you get above 100 even without perfection. Don't forget every graph is important from physics and chemistry.
Only two days are enough to cover mentioned topics. So make time yourself it is easy.

All the best!


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