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Jee mains 2018 tips

  It is every engineering aspirants dream to get into IITS and NITS, so according to dream, preparation for jee mains should accelerate, and it should be in a planned manner. Jee mains include 30 questions of PCM every 4 marks and for any wrong answer 1 mark will be deducted, that means in jee mains you should carefully attend every question.
Here are tips for jee mains:
Don't prepare like board exams for these exams. You should be concept oriented more than exam oriented. Refer NCERT books thoroughly, that's the best way pass jee mains. While preparing for board exam only you can prepare for jee mains if you are from CBSE, as board puts exam papers like having one-word answers in board exams.
Out of 360 marks to Pass you should get above cut off marks.
OBC = 73 (average)
SC&ST=45 (average)
as we see every year these above are the average cut off marks.
It is very easy to pass the exam if you refer these Books, that I have mentioned earlier.
How to get above 73 or 45? Your comment in the section, soi can give tips according to your requirement.
12th class tips
Maths tips
Thank you.


  1. The in depth JEE Main 2018 information bulletin made up of details of exam, syllabus, eligibility standards to appear, exam fee, places of examination, Point out code of eligibility, get older rest, eligibility for entrance, reservation plans and important times will be accessible on JEE Main website in Dec 2017.
    JEE Main Results 2018
    JEE Advanced 2018

  2. Briefly explain this exam to me


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